Patrycja and Grzegorz


On 16.10.2010 we did not know if we were coming or going but thanks to Zosia, our wedding dinner and reception was just as we had imagined it and even better.
Our reception with relatives and friends took place in a nice, undisturbed atmosphere; the staff was caring, discrete, much like fairies waving their wands.
Advice, sincerity and flexibility were things we could count on at all times – Zosia was always ready to respond to our needs and meet our expectations – something we had never experienced elsewhere before. The possibility of a night’s stay in an apartment for the newlyweds, offered by the “Liburnia” hotel, gave us a moment to relax after this very exciting day.
Thank you!
And we are glad that on this special day we were surrounded not only by family, but also by wonderful and helpful people, something we hope to experience for the rest of our lives….

Patrycja and Grzegorz :-))