Integration events

Nothing brings people closer together than an integration event. They’re always a great opportunity to get to know each other better, integrate the team and spend time among friends and colleagues.
Training combined with integration is also an ideal way to stimulate creativity, bring together different departments and levels of an organisation, improve efficiency, see what relationships exist within the company, how employees deal with emergencies and unexpected situations, and to discover who demonstrates innate organisational or leadership skills in such conditions.

Our professional staff and excellent cuisine are sure to satisfy everyone. We cooperate with one of the best event companies in the region, which is ready to meet your every demand. Its rich offer includes scenarios of various events that serve integration and training purposes in the field of team-building.

Integration games and activities we recommend:
– Haunted hotel.
– Clash of the leaders.
– Escape Room.
– In search of the Holy Grail!

We are open to new ideas and approach each guest individually and with special attention. We also organize outdoor events and retreats.

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