Wedding receptions


Beginnings are usually very innocent – a few fleeting glances, dates, enchantment, love, engagement…. And the road from engagement to marriage is not a long one! How can we make this day really special and how to organize the wedding of your dreams? Read some of our advice 🙂

Reception room
You have already prepared a list of guests with whom you want to spend this special day and evening. The time has come to find the perfect reception venue. But how? When choosing one, remember that it should be air-conditioned. After all, after many dances and games it can get really hot inside! Your guests will certainly appreciate the opportunity to take a whiff of fresh air on a terrace. Do you have an idea for how the room should be decorated? Show it to the hotel manager, with whom you will arrange all the details of the celebration.

Wedding menu
Of course, a wedding reception cannot do without a carefully arranged menu. It is worth respecting tradition and starting the celebration by welcoming the newlyweds with bread and salt, as well as raising a toast with a glass of champagne. The standard wedding menu consists of soup, a main course with extras, dessert, a cold plate, a hot dinner and drinks. An example? Broth with pasta and liver dumplings, chicken breast with broccoli mousse, vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries, a board of roasted and cold meats, salads, soup with egg and sausage served in bread. Sounds delicious? It certainly is! 🙂

Wedding videography
Your wedding and reception are certainly one of the most wonderful events in your life. It is worth capturing them properly by resorting to the services of a videographer. Recently, filming with drones has also become very popular too. Think about how you would like to record your celebration. Surely after many years you will want to relive this day by enjoying the photos and the film from your wedding 🙂

There is no wedding without music, dancing and games. When it comes to music, you can choose a wedding band or a DJ. What if one of the highlights of the evening was to include a session in a photo booth? Your guests are sure to enjoy it. Would you like your wedding to be a bit unusual and different? Let your creative self roam freely and organize a theme wedding together with us!