Seasonal menu


Smooth peanut butter soup and coconut milk,
with a pinch of spicy tabasco, based on vegetable stock,
served with a caramelised pear and nuts.
/250 ml/ 16,00 PLN


Pear and goat cheese salad
A roasted pear with goat cheese and walnut,
served on fresh spinach, lamb’s lettuce with
couscous, honey and lime sauce, together with croutons.
/300g/ 29,00 PLN


Prawn salad
Prawns coated with coconut, served with a salad of pomegranate,
grilled aubergine, blue cheese,
together with spicy tomato dip and crunchy tortilla.
/300g/ 31,00 PLN


Duck breast in date sauce
Succulent duck breast in aromatic date and wine sauce,
served with beetroots, stuffed with pearl barley,
cranberry and smoked dry cottage cheese.
/160g/200g/ 39,00 PLN


Smooth chocolate-cream dessert,
served with peach mousse,
roasted almonds and salty crackers.
/200g/ 16,00 PLN