Autumn menu


Cream of sweetcorn soup
a cream soup of sweetcorn with aromatic ginger,
served with bacon crips
250 ml/15,00 PLN

Goat cheese and fig salad
Grilled goat cheese and figs, on rocket salad, lamb’s lettuce
and roasted almonds, served with pear, white wine and ginger dressing
300 g/29,00 PLN

Pork tenderloins, served on pearl barley
with roasted root vegetables
Succulent pork tenderloins, stuffed with apples, thyme
and dijon mustard, with blankets of streay bacon
on the top; served with pearl barley and root vegetables.
150g/170g/39,00 PL

Potato cakes and goulash
Traditional potato cakes served with pork goulash,
gherkins and red onions.
320 g/ 31,00 PLN

Prune dessert
Prunes with essence of honey, cinnamon and vanilla flavouring,
served on a bed of porridge oats, crackers, cottage cheese,
topped with whipped cream and crispy almonds.
200 g/15,00 PLN