Exhibition of works by Małgorzata Fober PHOTOGRAPHY


Małgorzata Fober was born in 1985 in Cieszyn. She commenced her artistic education at the Antoni Kenar High School of Fine Arts in Zakopane. Afterwards she enrolled as a student at the Faculty of Sculpture and Spatial Activities of the University of Arts in Poznan, where she received her master’s degree. Currently she is working toward her doctor’s degree at the Faculty of Arts of the Silesian University in Cieszyn.

The artist is a laureate of many national and international competitions (including the International Photography Awards in the category of Advertising/product, President of the Foundation Centre for Photography Award). Małgorzata has also presented her works at a number of individual and group exhibitions, some of which include the F/28 Chiang Mai festival of photography (Thailand), Photossima Art Fair&Festival” (Italy), IPA 2014 Best Of Show (USA), 4th Bielsko Visual Arts Festival 2018, STONE Industry Fair in Poznań.

“Advertising photography is a commonly practiced form of photography. Current canons of advertising, customer luring and customer expectations hold priority over artistic values, thus limiting the freedom of creation, which is an indispensable feature of art. Art cannot be “tailor-made”, especially when its limits are determined by people or determinants from outside its field.

These factors deprive contemporary advertising photography of the spirit of art.

I treat this as a challenge. That is why I like advertising photography the most, and the works I create are my form of rebellion. I try to breathe the spirit of fine arts into each of my creations.

After all, it is not without reason that fine arts are not ugly ;)”.

The photographer’s works may be purchased.