Time for integration


There are many paths to a company’s success. If you are a boss or a team leader, you certainly know that the right commitment and integration of your co-workers lies at the heart of its success. They help co-workers find out more about each other and help them work together more effectively. There are many ways to integrate a team. Discover our events.

Creativity and innovation
What if you were to stay a little longer at our hotel after a successful conference…. to talk to ghosts or solve a blood-chilling story? If you want to find out how your employees behave in a completely new environment, the game “Haunted hotel” is the perfect choice! This game will help arouse creativity, open you up emotionally and…. help you deal with paranormal phenomena 😉

In search of a leader
One of the ways to learn about the leadership skills of our team members is to play the game “Clash of the leaders”. Working under the pressure of time, participants have to split into smaller groups, create an action plan and solve a specific problem. What do we gain from this game? We learn about the advantages and disadvantages of leadership, we learn how to make decisions under the pressure of time, and we practice our ability to manage our own and other team members’ work.

Outdoor team building
We also organize integration games and events outdoors. If you want to liberate positive emotions in your employees, provide them with new experiences, stimulate creativity and innovation, then you must try the game of “In search of the Holy Grail!” The highlights of the game include a Slavic song and riddle, a horseshoe throwing competition, pagan god crafting and more!

Other ways to integrate
When visiting a specific place it is also worth finding out more about the attractions located nearby. Maybe they will inspire you to organize e.g. a city game. Are you wondering in what other ways you can integrate your team? How about a tour of the brewery combined with beer tasting and brewing workshops, culminating in an event organised in the historical hall of the brewery? Your employees will be sure to enjoy such an idea!