The magic of Saint Andrew’s Day


Saint Andrew’s Day is a magical evening, which, according to old beliefs, tells us what the future holds. Once dedicated exclusively to ladies and for matrimonial purposes, today it is an opportunity for everyone to have fun.

Saint Andrew’s customs
Saint Andrew’s customs have a very long tradition. It was believed that on this day the spirits of our ancestors come back to reveal secrets. The cradle of Saint Andrew’s day dates back to ancient greece or old germanic tribes, who cultivated the god of fertility and love. In Poland, the first mentions of Saint Andrew’s Day come from the 16th century – e.G. It was believed that by fasting on St. Andrew’s Day your future spouse would appear to you in a dream, while a branch of cherry cut on Saint Andrew’s Day that blooms on christmas heralded a quick wedding. There are also more humorous beliefs, such as the one which says that your fiancé will come from the direction a dog barks.

In the past, saint andrew’s fortune-telling was taken very seriously. Today, this evening is an opportunity to have a great time with tongue in cheek. The night features numerous attractions that refer to ancient fortune-telling. The most famous Saint Andrew’s game is pouring wax (in the past tin and lead were used for this purpose!). Surprisingly, the most valuable materials for this purpose were those extracted from window frames or the stained glass windows of churches. Only these made sure a marriage would last a long time. Other customs known today are rearranging shoes, peeling apples and looking for the name of the future wife or husband on a cardboard heart.

Saint Andrew’s day at Liburnia Hotel
The undeniable magic of this evening, time spent in an unconventional way, an opportunity to meet friends – all this makes the games played on Saint Andrew’s Day very popular.