Rebate Club Terms

Card issuer and owner

1. The issuer and owner of the Frequent Guest Card is:
Liburnia Hotel & SPA Sp. z o.o . in Cieszyn, ul. Liburnia 10

User of the Frequent Guest Card

Who can apply for the card?
1. Any person, who has filed an application for the Frequent Guest Card and has agreed to accept and follow the provisions of these terms and conditions and the rules for using the card can become a user of the card.
2. The Frequent Guest Card user grants consent to the Card Owner for his personal information to be processed, stored and used for promotional and marketing purposes.
3. The Frequent Guest Card will be sent via mail after the application form is approved by the Issuer.
4. To receive a Frequent Guest Card you have to be of legal age.

Persons entitled to a rebate

1. The Frequent Guest Card can only be used by the person who has signed the Frequent Guest Card Application Form.
2. The Card cannot be transferred nor resold to somebody else.
3. The Card is not a credit card, a debit card nor a pay card of any sort and can only be used according to the Card Holder’s Terms and Conditions.

Benefits and limitations

1. The Frequent Guest Card entitles the individual card user to a 10% discount on accommodation services and a 50% discount on every 10th night spent at out hotel.
2. The Frequent Guest Card holder agrees to receive via email or text message promotional offers prepared exclusively for the card holder.
3. The Frequent Guest Card applies to individual stays in the hotel (does not concern organised groups and special event accommodation) .
4. The discount offered to the card holder cannot be combined with other promotions.
5. To receive a discount you must show your card at reception before your bill is printed. In case of telephone or email reservation, please inform us that you are a holder of a Frequent Guest Card.
A discount will not be given if you present your card after the receipt is printed.
7. The discount is given only when paying in cash or by credit card.
8. The discount does not apply retroactively.

Card validity period

1. The Frequent Guest Card is valid till 31 Dec., 2019
2. The Frequent Guest Card issuer can invalidate the card with no prior notice if the general terms and conditions of the loyalty program change.
3. The Card Owner may invalidate the card if the Holder does not follow the rules for using the card or misuses the benefits it entitles the user to (the decision will be made unilaterally).
4. The Frequent Guest Card issuer reserves the right to discontinue the “Frequent Guest Card” programme at any moment at his sole discretion.
5. The User is required to inform the Owner immediately should the Card be lost (loss, theft, etc.).
6. If the Card is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen, the Card Issuer is under no obligation to issue a duplicate of the card.