Holding a conference in a hotel


How to organize a successful conference at a hotel? – discover our solution!
Imagine being assigned the task to organize a conference, seminar or training event at a hotel. There are many challenges that face you: selecting people for the organisational team, selecting and inviting speakers, drawing up a plan to promote the whole event, finding the right place, ensuring attractions, etc. That’s right, attractions – how to choose the right place that would provide additional attractions?

Choosing a conference room at a hotel
First of all, consider how many participants you want to invite to your conference: 50, 100, 150, 250? Is there a suitable place for so many guests in your area? Or maybe it is worth considering organizing an event a bit further away? Every conference is a challenge, but when help is provided by the venue – what seemed impossible at first becomes easy! Okay, you’ve browsed the websites of several venues. Visually: they are great. Now ask yourself if the conference rooms are air-conditioned and if you have the right equipment (a rostrum, screen, projector, cd/dvd player, sound system, flipcharts, etc.)? One of the points on the agenda of your event includes workshops for participants. Is the hotel suited for workshops?

Catering during your event
Remember to set aside time for coffee breaks in your event program. After all, both the speakers and guests need a moment of rest. Find out if the venue you are choosing will provide all the catering facilities. If so, which? Will there be beverages (coffee, tea, water, juice), fresh and dry snacks, fruit? A good solution is also to choose a place that has its own restaurant and will easily prepare lunch for everybody.

Attractions for conference participants
Content is one thing but don’t forget to provide attractions for all the participants. Maybe you wish to organize a sightseeing tour of the absolute “Must see” sites in the area? Some hotel and conference facilities also offer active recreation. Maybe your event participants will be happy to learn something new (e.G. Golf)? One of the objectives of a conference also includes integration. Make sure that everyone feels good in each other’s company and has the opportunity to get to know each other better. There are many integration games to choose from – use them. Outdoor games are great for this purpose.

Organizacja konferencji wymaga dużo czasu i zaangażowania. Dobierz odpowiednich ludzi do współpracy, przemyślcie wspólnie tematykę konferencji, opracujcie cały plan, skorzystajcie z rad profesjonalistów 🙂