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Business trip

Work is a very important part of our lives which we devote a lot of time and dedication to. Work helps us develop; get to know people – potential future partners of the company. It sometimes happens that we have to go on business to another city or even to another country. Sometimes we are

Best wishes

Each of us wants to spend this important day with family and friends. Depending on the size of the party, we can decide to organize it at home or at a venue. Let’s start: Best wishes…. …For your birthday, for your anniversary Are you preparing to celebrate your birthday or wedding anniversary? Why not make

A weekend in Cieszyn

A weekend in Cieszyn Cieszyn is a very charming city with over 1200 years of history. It borders directly with the Czech Republic. If you choose Cieszyn as your travel destination, it is worth doing some research beforehand and learning about the attractions awaiting you. There are many indeed 🙂 A little bit of history

Wedding receptions

Beginnings are usually very innocent – a few fleeting glances, dates, enchantment, love, engagement…. And the road from engagement to marriage is not a long one! How can we make this day really special and how to organize the wedding of your dreams? Read some of our advice 🙂 Reception room You have already prepared

The magic of Saint Andrew’s Day

Saint Andrew’s Day is a magical evening, which, according to old beliefs, tells us what the future holds. Once dedicated exclusively to ladies and for matrimonial purposes, today it is an opportunity for everyone to have fun. Saint Andrew’s customs Saint Andrew’s customs have a very long tradition. It was believed that on this day

Culturally in Cieszyn

Cinema, theatre, music…. Festivals, reviews, performances, concerts…. Events for the young and the old. Read our short guide to selected cultural events in cieszyn. In the world of cinema If you like to spend your free time watching not only the latest films, but also slightly older ones – cieszyn has an ideal offer for