Corporate events

Nothing brings people more closer than an corporate event.
This is always a great opportunity to get to know your employes integrating other group members and having a great time in your own team.

Corporate trainings are also an greatway to stimulate creativity, cooperating in different departments and levels.
Improving efficiency and and how your employes acting in sudden and suprising situations also who’s a born organization talent and who a leader.

Our professional stuff and our excellent cuisine are a guarantee for an succesful festivity.
In cooperation with one oft he best’s Event Companies which makes all wishes come true.
With an enormous choice of different events, games and sceneries bringing your team on the targets.
We recommend corporate events and games:

We are open for your ideas, each of our guests are treated individuel and with special regard.
We encourage you also to learn more about our blog of
corporate events and organizing an succesful conference.
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Zofia Wszołek - hotel manager
tel.: 00 48 33 852 05 31, 00 48 512 850 863


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