The geographical location of Cieszyn makes it an interesting tourist attraction and a good starting point for further excursions. The town borders with the Czech Republic, with which it is connected by three bridges, including one with a unique architecture in pink. The town is also located close to the popular resorts of Ustroń (10km) and Wisła (20km).


In Cieszyn there are over 15 trails, including:


  1. The Cieszyn Venice

    Venice, a popular district of Cieszyn, is located next to Młynówka, a canal that flows into the the Olza River. It's charming and secluded location is closely connected to the history of the city. It dates back to the 16th century, when the Młynówka played an important role in the fortifications of the Castle Hill. It was a strategic location, which caused local craftsmen, who later created the industry of the area, to settle along its banks. The canal powered a sawmill, a power station and a watermill. Currently, the area has lost its economic importance, but is popular among artists, who display their works here, as well as tourists and Cieszynites who choose the place for romantic strolls.

  2. Bracki Castle Brewery  

    The brewery was founded in 1846 during the reign of the Habsburgs. It works to this day. Among other beers, it also produces its own local pale ale – the Brackie beer.  

  3. The Castle of the Dukes of Cieszyn with a panoramic view of the city  

    Initially, this was where the Gothic Castle of the Dukes of Cieszyn stood. Only the 14th c. 24-meter-high (8-storey) stone Piastowska Tower of the castle was preserved. From its top you can admire the panoramic view of the city. Another important site on the grounds of the former castle is the rotunda of St. Nicholas- a historic chapel from the 11th/12th century built of ashlar. It was rebuilt in the 13th century, and then plastered in the 19th century.  

  4. The market square (15th century/16th century) 

    The Cieszyn market square was built in the 15th and 16th centuries, and features undercut townhouses (western frontage) as well as Baroque, Classicist, and eclectic townhouses from the 17th-18th centuries. The townhouses were later rebuilt in the 19th century.   

  5. Town Hall (16th century)  

    The local town hall was built in the 16th century, re-erected after the 30-year war, and rebuilt in 1800. Currently it is modelled in a Baroque-Classicist style, has two-storeys and a tower.

    Nearby attractions in the Czech Republic:

  6. Radegast brewery (30 km)  

    A modern large-capacity brewery. The foundation stone for its construction was laid in 1966. This Moravian brewery received its name from the mythical god Radegast, whom old pagan tribes worshipped as the god of fire, the Sun, harvest and hospitality.

  7. Wielka Czantoria (20km)

    The national nature reserve covers an area of approximately 337 ha, and was established in 1987. The park features an extensive complex of białokarpackie type meadows with an abundance of trees. Valuable and protected thermophilic plants and animals can also be found here.

  8. Spa Park in Karviná (15 km)  

    The park is 22 hectares in size and was established in 1895r. as a landscape park. It is decorated with numerous fountains, sculptures, the most important of which is the "living source" – the symbol of the park. An over 100-year-old summer house and the spa building, which up to this day serve spa goers, are also worth seeing.


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